Digital Gardens

A little while ago I came across the concept of a ‘Digital Garden’. I like the idea of something in between a blog and note taking. I do have a web blog and of course this gemlog. I like blogging but I have always found the long form polished article concept of blogging, never really fits in with the way my brain works. I can write long form, but find writing small seemingly random notes and ideas is more natural to the way I think. I can then weave these notes together to create powerful ideas! well that’s the idea anyway.

I guess this is why I gravitate to the Unix philosophy. Create small simple programs when piped together create powerful systems.

Now the question is, can do this in Gemini ? I think yes to the concept of the digital garden, Gemini fits perfectly with the concept of, simple text based notes that are accessible and easy to read. Even if one day Gemini is no more, all my notes will still be accessible as plain text files and that appeals to me allot. Especially when wearing my Digital Preservation hat!

I’m going to research this a bit more in regarding to Digital Gardens in Gemini.

This could be a thing!