Music and other interesting noise

22-10-2023 I’m listening to a Youtube channel called ‘ambient techno mixes’ I stumbled upon this channel a few months ago and have well become a little hooked, each mix is around 1:30:00+ long. The mixes are low and smooth, they can put you anywhere from a midnight drive on a lone highway - to quiet city street or flying your ship through space time on an intergalactic voyage. I have always loved ambient, IDM any, electronic noise really, but as everything that becomes popular it becomes exploited. [Read More]

A minimal guide to dealing with Depression and Anxiety

This is a minimal guide to dealing with Depression and Anxiety. It’s not meant to be anything special, it just helped me when I needed it. Depression is a fear of the past, Anxiety is a fear of the future, The past has been and gone you cant change it, don’t worry about. The Future is unwritten and yours to create don’t worry about it, Always move forward. Well that’s about it! [Read More]

I'm back!

05-09-2023 Well I have been, somewhat absent for a while, after my dad passed away a few months ago and the escalating issues around the estate, added work stress and another family member falling ill and my own health deteriorating, the last four months have, well to put it in plain english been absolute shit! So what have I been doing? Well I recently took time off work and stepped back to looked after my own health. [Read More]

Adventures in FreeBSD

Week one History Research Install I’ve been around for a while and been involved in the nixes UNIX/Linux since around the late nineties. I first discovered Linux when I found a set of SUSE discs in the rubbish bin at my computer class. In an attempt to install SUSE, I proceeded to wipe my Windows 98 install and my precious games save, I had so much in my Diablo stash it was heartbreaking! [Read More]

Adventures in FreeBSD Week four

This is really a summary of my month in FreeBSD so will be a little shorter than my previous posts. Well its week four and I have been using FreeBSD as my daily driver on my laptop for four weeks. Installation, configuring, re-configuring, installing software and general use. I have had allot of fun with FreeBSD and learned allot in the process. I have been a Linux user since the 90’s and Linux users from around that time, will remember that Linux, even the out of the box distros, were still ‘some assembly required’ [Read More]

Adventures with FreeBSD Week Three

So on to week three. previously I’ve discussed installation, setup and installing applications. In this post I will cover some of the issues I encountered and what I did to fix them, or at leased workaround them. Audio. I noticed that audio playback was not the best, it would pop and stutter when playing audio locally and streaming. I tried a few different media players, audacious, Parole, VLC and also Chromium and Firefox web browsers, they all seem to have the same issue with audio. [Read More]

Adventures with FreeBSD Week Two

So, after the initial setup, and the installation of a few essential packages (plugins and applications) I have been busy customising and creating my perfect desktop for daily use. Anyone who has used FreeBSD knows, it comes with the caveat of ‘some assembly required.’ Now this is fine, as it contributes to the growing of new neurons in the brain. Seriously it does! A note on the generation of new neurons in the brain. [Read More]

Autumn - background noise - computer work and cartoons.

It’s Autumn here in my part of the world, today it’s been overcast and rainy. So I thought Well I might work on my site as it needed a few updates. Generally when working on the computer I like to have either background music or something playing on the TV, I guess I work better with some background noise. So today I decided to put on the original series of Scooby Doo. [Read More]

Debian on the desktop

Debian in the Linux world and the general tech world is considered to be one of the most stable mature distributions that exists in the world of Linux today. You find will it on servers, in the sciences, education and even NASA, the distribution of choice on the International space station and of course on someone home desktop/laptop. A little while ago I decided to return to Debian as a desktop. [Read More]

Digital Gardens

A little while ago I came across the concept of a ‘Digital Garden’. I like the idea of something in between a blog and note taking. I do have a web blog and of course this gemlog. I like blogging but I have always found the long form polished article concept of blogging, never really fits in with the way my brain works. I can write long form, but find writing small seemingly random notes and ideas is more natural to the way I think. [Read More]