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Autumn - background noise - computer work and cartoons.

It’s Autumn here in my part of the world, today it’s been overcast and rainy. So I thought Well I might work on my site as it needed a few updates. Generally when working on the computer I like to have either background music or something playing on the TV, I guess I work better with some background noise. So today I decided to put on the original series of Scooby Doo. I’m a huge Hanna Barbera fan and Animation in general, I studied Animation many moons ago so it’s always close to my heart.

Just having this series on in the background, brings back memories of rushing home after School to watch it on the TV. They would play about two episodes a day and just re run the two seasons over and over again. I never got tied of watching them and well, to tell you the truth, I’m still not tied of watching them now.

Now as an avid Hanna Barbera fan I have watched all the Scooby Doo series over the years even the controversial Scooby Doo and Batman episode ;-) Even though Hanna Barbera is unfortunately no more and now under the ownership of Warner Brothers, the series has kept to its roots for the most part. It has modernised of course but characters are still similar to their origins. Though Velma (2023) does move away from this and I am still processing this and will probably have more to say on it in the future.

Sometimes a bit downtime is good, escapism maybe, relaxation definitely.