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I'm back!

05-09-2023 Well I have been, somewhat absent for a while, after my dad passed away a few months ago and the escalating issues around the estate, added work stress and another family member falling ill and my own health deteriorating, the last four months have, well to put it in plain english been absolute shit!

So what have I been doing? Well I recently took time off work and stepped back to looked after my own health. Because if you have allot on your plate and your own health tanks, you are not going to be able to do anything. So the first things was to sort myself out.

Now where did my break from work and all the worry and stress take me? Strangely I ended up back in the world of Gemini, not that I really went away, but I haven’t added anything to my site for a while and haven’t really been surfing the Gemini spaces either. So in my down time I have been busy discovering all the new content on Gemini, which there seems to be allot which is good and of course adding this post to my site, adding a bit more content :)

One of the greatest strengths of Gemini is the content, unlike the web which unfortunately is filling up with what I call AI fodder. Simply Gemini is not full of crap! It’s rich content, simple and minimal my design and of course it’s text.

I don’t really like to write to much about Gemini on the Gemini platform, but I thought this post was needed, even if it is just for myself.