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April 2023

Gnome why have you forsaken me!: I like text and I like writing in simple text editors though I am dyslexic and have the spelling grade of an amoeba, I need and rely on spell checkers. I write mostly in markdown or gemtext so the spell checker doesn’t work or run for these filetypes. Not to worry, I just enable the status bar on either mousepad, kate or gedit to enable a quick filetype change to plain text and check my spelling. Alas since Gnome 42.

I believe this function has been removed in gedit or Text Editor as it is known now. What, Gnome removing a useful function you say. Who would have thought! I’m a great advocate for minimal design, but it shouldn’t mean loss of functionality. Well I still have good old mousepad, I really hope they don’t follow the design philosophy of the Gnome Foundation.

Leaving Devuan cont: Am I getting to personal with this? Just because a few idiots in the Devuan community try to enforce there ideological rubbish onto a distro, Is this a reason to walk away? Devuan has all that I like in a Linux distro. Fast, minimalist by design, and secure. It also has a smaller footprint than Debian even though they are virtually the same. The have a great core team and I like there almost no code of conduct. The distribution suits me well. Is it right to walk away, or should you stand and uphold the core values? Hmmm, I’m asking myself allot of question here which is good. Rational discussion even with yourself, is the way to a positive outcome.

Leaving Devuan: I have been thinking about moving away from Devuan once more. Should I be doing this? I just don’t want to deal with the ideological rubbish that seems to be creeping into every corner of my life. In truthfulness the only distribution I have found that seemingly trys hard to avoid this and stick to a professional approach is Ubuntu. They are an enterprise company I guess, so it is in there best interest.

Yes I know Ubuntu isn’t with out controversy but I will say controversy mostly by others, not so much themselves.

The machine I have Devuan installed on is a second desktop. At the moment and I’m using it to test the up and coming release of Ubuntu 23.04, after that I’m not sure if I will put the Devuan disk back in, or install one of the Ubuntu flavours. Yes maybe I have become one of those guys who waves their hands about and rage quits a distro for personal reasons? I’m not feeling rage or anger though, because I really like Devuan. I guess I’m feeling slightly annoyed but mostly sad and disappointed. I wont stop supporting Devuan though, because the people at the core of it are good people, but at this time I’m not using it.

March 2023

Diablo III on Ubuntu: At the moment I am playing Diablo III again I am running the game successfully on Ubuntu 22.04 using Lutris. It’s running quite well and apart from the occasional startup issue I’m quite pleased.

Backto Ubuntu: My current desktop is Ubuntu 22.10, I’m very pleased with how it is preforming. I am recently swapped out an SSD containing FreeBSD for the Ubuntu 22.10 drive that I usually run on the laptop. Traditionally I have always used Ubuntu on my laptops as it kind of just works. I really liked using FreeBSD, and will continue to use it but not on the laptop.

Febauary 2023

FreeBSD on the laptop: Trying FreeBSD on my laptop for a month, I have been using FreeBSD in a VM for a while and now that I am more familiar with it I think it is time to give it a go on the laptop and see if I can use it as my daily driver. I’m traditionally a Ubuntu user and have been for a very long time. Ubuntu just works out of the box for the most part, where as FreeBSD does come with ‘Some assembly required’ which is not a problem and actually beneficial to keeping the brain working and creating new neurons and networks of knowledge.