In search of balance, a digital zen and everything in between

Home Base

Welcome to my garden on the web

This is a clone of my Gemini space created with Hugo. The concept of a digital garden on the web is well established but I thought I would experiment and try to create a digital garden on the Gemini protocol. It is a work in progress as all gardens are and maybe it will evolve into something quite unique. For those that are not familiar with the concept of digital gardens you can pop over to this site and learn all about them here. Garden History

You can learn more about Gemini here Gemini and visit my Gemini space here cratermouse .

Update: Since the origin of the site is Gemini, I have been thinking, though I like the gardening metaphors, I feel this site should adhere somewhat to it’s original theme. The Gemini protocol is named after the Gemini space missions, hence the naming convention such as Capsule, Gemlog, Space etc. I have swapped out ‘The Lawn’ for Home Base and ‘Evergreen’ for ‘Gemlog’. Gemlog for being the name given to blogs running on the Gemini protocol. I have also changed Seeds to Notes as that is basically what they are. Now and About have not changed. I’ve decided to used gardening metaphors for my pages. This idea is not mine, I borrowed it from Maggie Appleton. Below is a brief explanation of what they are and what they contain.

The basic layout of this site.

  • The Lawn: ‘Home Base’ this page is where you are welcomed into the garden and learn a bit more about it. basically a home page.

  • Now: Unlike The Lawn, which is more of a home page, ’now’ is whatwherewho I am right now. We all evolve overtime, old ideas and interests fade to new ones. so this page could change anytime. Have a look here to find out more about now pages.

  • Seeds: ‘Notes’ Seeds are where I will jot down my ideas, notes and thoughts. Think of it as post-it notes or quick notes etc. These could evolve in to something more or just go nowhere.

  • Evergreen: ‘Gemlog’ Here is where I will write more long form complete essays or blog articles. These wont change much at all, maybe just tweaks here and there, in reality for me, fixing spelling mistakes!

  • About: Well, it’s an about page, that’s about it.

So that’s about it for the garden. It wont work exactly like a digital garden on the web which contains backlinks and bidirectional linking, my thoughts here are to group related notes together, a bit like a folder structure on a computer. Not sure how well it will work, but you don’t know until you try.

Thanks for stopping by and and having a look at my garden.